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Скачать Pillars Of Eternity [v] - Патч торрент

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24 Апреля 2015

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Данная аркада с увлекательным сюжетом способна подарить десятки часов игрового процесса. Красивая картинка и яркие, динамические сцены привлекают с первых минут. При этом размер файла составляет всего 1,45 Гб.

1. Запустить Update.exe из папки Update v1.0.4.0540 и установить обновление, в папку с игрой
2. Содержимое папки Crack — ALI213 или Crack — FTS на выбор копировать в директорию установленной игры, с заменой
3. Играть

Items, Spells, and Abilities

— AoE indicators should now properly resize if the caster has a sub 10 Intellect score.
— Fixed an issue with over-time aura spells not applying the correct value on the final tick.
— Knock Down will now correctly be applied for the full duration of the effect.
— Mantle of The Dying Boar will now trigger at 33% Endurance with the effect of 5 Endurance a tick.
— Talisman of the Unconquerable will now give a 1.25 Focus multiplier instead of .25.
— Blooded should trigger properly in all cases now.
— Boar Animal Companion bonus damage should now work as intended.
— Prone Reduction mod should now work correctly.

Quests and Companions

— Fixed Aloth and Kana speaking when they weren't in the party in one of the last levels.
— Sagani's fox-specific banters now require the appropriate items in the player inventory.
— Falanroed's dialogue no longer displays a node.
— Durance will now properly discuss your dream with you if you've already discussed his staff.
— Relaxed some constraints on Durance's quest conversation. This allows all characters, regardless of background or stats, to finish his quest.
— Players can now loot the nest in Oldsong.
— Fixed an invalid conditional check in one of Pallegina's conversations.
— Heritage Hill tower will be fully revealed when exploring the map.
— Fixed spawn issue in a ed interaction near the end of the game.
— Fixed an invalid creature spawn in the Ogre Lair in Od Nua.
— Sagani no longer references the antagonist by name before you know it.
— A container in the Catacombs of Od Nua will now remember if it was looted.
— The «Master's Tools» quest will now work if you have the required items before starting the quest.
— The «A Two Story Job» ed interaction will not require a second grappling hook to climb down from the window if one was already used to climb up.

General Fixes

— Fix for camera movement problems when the game is paused or in a cutscene.
— Fix to retroactively restore party movement in saves that display movement speed problems.
— Made some fixes to movement speed problems that were being reported (e.g. Boots of Speed).
— Fixed stacking health problems with the gul's «Vomit Blood» ability. This fix should retroactively fix your saved games.
— Optimized Save/Load game system for better performance.
— Optimized how scene transitions are handled for better memory usage on 32-bit machines. This may allow players to transition to new areas without running out of memory.
— Sound Sets from hired companions will now be properly restored when adding them to the party from the stronghold.
— «All Stronghold Upgrades» achievement now checks 25 upgrades instead of 26. This will properly reward the achievement if you already have fully upgraded your stronghold.
— The «Kill All Dragons» achievement will now properly fire if they are killed indirectly (like by a trap). This is a retroactive fix and will be rewarded if the dragons are already dead.
— Fixed issue where store prices were getting exceptionally large after receiving a discount.
— Fixed issues with gaining infinite XP from bad Stronghold data.
— World time will not get very large in some cases after Save/Load.
— Modelling offset with Durance's head has been adjusted.
— Icon scale is now correct on Hearth Harvest and Reghar Konnek.
— All shaders will now compile properly under DirectX 11.
— Restored all the missing effects in the intro cutscene.
— Removed Blunderbuss item from an early game loot table.
— Changed the cursor type on the blood pool in the Temple of Skaen to conversation.
— Fixed a few save game issues with dead summoned creatures.
— Fixed issue where occasionally a crash would occur when initializing the Steam API.
— Draggable windows are now handled properly when running at very high resolutions.
— Swamp Lurker's animation won't spaz anymore when the game is paused.
— Fixed an issue to prevent binding mouse buttons to window controls.
— Game will now pause if you Alt-Tab during a cutscene in full screen mode.
— Audio will now resume properly if the game loses focus.
— Fixed an issue with infinite load screen if you transition while hovering over a container.
— Characters will now wait for their idle animation before trying to reload which fixes an animation sync issue.
— Damaged characters performing AoE attacks will not overload their AI state stacks anymore.

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